Mountains of Leaves

The weather in my part of the country is definitely turning towards fall.  This morning, we had to drag out long pants and sweatshirts to go outside.  We are painting the outside of the house, so this is perfect weather for that.  And by we, I mean the Boy and the Husband.  I don’t do ladders.  The leaves are starting to fall off of the trees and I can tell that soon we will have mountains of leaves in the yard.

When I was growing up, we have about a dozen poplar trees in our back yard.  These trees would, over the course of a week, dump all of their leaves onto the lawn.  If we were lucky enough, we would have a really good Indian Summer and the weather would cooperate for about two weekends worth of world class leaf pile jumping.  The whole neighborhood of kids would work together to rake all of the leaves into one big mountain.  Our lot was flat and deep and we could get a good 50 yard dash going to lead up to a giant leap into the leaf mountain.  We would bury each other, have leaf fights, make funeral pyres upon which some unlucky victim got to lie while the rest eulogized him.

Having come from a lot with only newly planted trees, my kids don’t know anything of leaf jumping.  I can’t wait until we have enough leaves to make a mountain.  I may bring out some of my inner child and jump in a mountain of leaves.