Fall is in the Air

Here in the 5 Acre Wood, fall is in the air.  It smells like autumn when you walk outside.  As I sit in my kitchen working, I can see the evidence all around me.  Squirrels are scurrying around gathering whatever nuts the trees may have dropped.  The trees are dropping their leaves in a constant rain of brown.  I can no longer see the driveway for the leaves covering like snowfall.  The cats are getting fatter and their fur is getting thicker.  The foliage is so thin on the trees now that I can see both the road and that there are neighbors.

This is my favorite time of year.  I have pulled my sweatshirts out of storage and put one on in the morning.  I need to find my fuzzy slippers soon.  I am starting to knit hats and scarves for winter wear.  My shawls from previous years are waiting for any occasion to be worn.  I am going to pull out the tea kettle and fill it to make tea.

When it turns cold, I will have blankets – soft and fuzzy, warm and snuggly – sitting at the ready, no matter where in the house you want to be.  The fireplace will have logs nearby to stoke the fire and sit next to.  Fall and winter food will be started – soups and stews, roasts and chilis.  Bread will be baked and hot chocolate will be ready for marshmallows.  I love this season, this season of change.  Cool mornings that give way to bright warm days.  The warm days that give way to cold and blustery nights.  Every day brings me a new landscape to look at out my kitchen window.  Today, it is fall.  And I am happy.