On Art and Money

I am faced with a dilemma every single day.  As a person who is unemployed and used to working a 40 hour a week job, I have found this enforced 4 month ‘vacation’ very liberating as an artist and crafter.  While it has been good for my health, it has also been a very prolific time for me to practice a variety of art and craft forms.  At this crossroads, I find myself wishing that there could be some way for me to earn money as an artist/crafter.  But it is not just that I want to earn some money, I want to earn enough money.  Enough money to satisfy the lifestyle to which we, as a family, have become accustomed.  Enough money to pay off student loans.  Enough money to put into retirement plans and college savings plans for the kids.  Enough money to keep the electricity on.

Is this possible?  I know there are people that do it, but I cannot work like the people I know that do it.  I cannot spend 12 hours a day on my feet.  I cannot travel extensively and do trade shows.  And I certainly can’t hire help to do that for me.  Would I have to concentrate on one particular medium – fiber, spinning, drawing, painting?  Would having a person selling a crazy combination of everything confuse people?  I don’t know.  This is part of the conundrum which paralyzes me as an artist.  Paralyzes me.  My craft suffers for me overthinking my motivations.  And if I did try to do art/craft for a living, would it become work and not a passion?

On the other hand, I was contacted by yet another recruiter trying to get me to apply for a job at a specific company.  This is probably the 7th person I have had contact me regarding this company.  At first the choice was easy because the position was one for which I was overqualified and would be underpaid.  Now, there is a senior level position which would be appropriately compensated and when the position converted to full time the benefits would be spectacular.  However, there would be no flexibility and the commute would be long.  I will apply and if asked I will interview.  I feel like I have to for my family.

My crossroads.  It is very difficult to be here, looking at the signs.  I know where I want to go, but it is different from where I should go.

Today’s art is String 003.  Not my favorite.  Maybe I will go back and do it again sometime.  A link: http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/06/tanglepatterns-string-003.html

String 003, 8/22/2014
String 003, tanglepatterns.com, 8/22/2014