Silence is golden.  Especially in a house with children.  When the kids were little, if it was too quiet it was usually because they were up to no good.  But now, on a Saturday morning they are all sleeping in.  The husband went in to work this morning to get some things done without everyone else around and he is the one who usually gets everyone up and going.  Me?  I let them sleep and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Out the window that faces the woods, I am watching squirrels that are the same color as the bark of the trees.  They are going up and down and in and out of holes.  Sometimes, two or three of them get in some kind of tussle.  It is fun and sometimes funny to watch.  I have even caught the cats sitting quietly in the back yard watching them.  Probably hoping for some kind of meal.  I hope they don’t catch one, because they would probably leave a disembodied head on the front stoop as a gift for me.  I really enjoy their gifts of love.  Ew.

Today I have some plans, but nothing serious or definite.  The only thing on my schedule that is absolute is watching the Iowa State-Kansas basketball game tonight.  We have heard there are a few pro-Iowa bars here in Kansas City and may try to go to one of them to watch the game.  It should be a really good matchup.  The last few games have been rough and I don’t think this will be any different.

On the blog roll today, I am hoping to add a sub-page to the Fiber Gallery that will document the progression of a particular fiber I am spinning.  My work on it has been fairly detailed and I think it deserves a page of its own with a photo progression – so watch for that.  Today’s photo of Zenspiration is String 005; link and a bonus of String 116 which I used some new oil pastels to work on; link .  I am trying to show Alyssa some tips and tricks on using color in non-representational ways since she believes she can’t draw.

Final thought for the day:  Enjoy the silence!

8/27/2014 String 005
8/27/2014,, String 005
1/16/2015, String 116
1/16/2015,, String 116