Full Disclosure Sunday

As today is Sunday, it seems appropriate to do some sort of confessing of things I have not yet brought up or glossed over lightly on this blog.  I have told you about being unemployed, about the crossroads, some things about the family.  So here are some new things that we need to talk about.

I am, against everything I have ever said, learning to crochet.  Crochet?  Bah, for old ladies!  Knitting is a far superior craft. So what prompted me to want to crochet?  I have no idea.  And it’s not like I really want to do it, I just feel like it’s what I am supposed to be doing.  Shopping at Michael’s last week, a book called The Granny Square Book jumped into my cart.  I swear it jumped.  Really.  So, now I have made my first granny square.  When I posted it on Ravelry, a friend with whom I had a pact to never learn to crochet accused me of ‘premeditated crochet’.  I am guilty.  Guilty.  Cannot be proven innocent.

I am on a diet.  Total cliché there, starting a diet in January.  The diet I am on shall remain nameless, but it does seem to be working.  However it is very expensive.  Do you know how much it costs to lose weight?  Hello!  No wonder it is such a HUGE industry.  I have told the husband that it is my goal to pay for the ‘stuff’ that this diet plan provides until I reach a specific weight which is about 60 pounds less than I was.  60 pounds is a lot of weight.  I have gained over a hundred since graduating from high school.  Granted, I had a serious issue with food and weight (often called an eating disorder) in high school and I needed some extra poundage.  But this brings up my point – did you know that being on a high protein diet makes you have the nastiest gas on the planet?  Holy cow!!  I can’t even stand being around myself.

I don’t like to clean.  Given a choice between almost anything else and cleaning, I will do the anything else.  Except for my bathroom.  For some weird reason, I do enjoy cleaning my bathroom.  (My own – no offers of cleaning your bathroom are forthcoming.)  I create little piles of stuff around the house.  Sometimes I clean them up, but mostly I don’t.  When the husband gets pissed about my clutter, I really just move a couple of piles to another location where he doesn’t go.  Then as I need something from one of the relocated piles, I just grab it, use it, and start another pile.  It’s a sickness.

Okay, confession time over.  Today’s drawing is tanglepattern.com String 006; link http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/06/tanglepatterns-string-006.html .  I particularly like this one and its anthropomorphic look.

String 006
8/28/2014; tanglepatterns.com, String 006