Am I an Idiot? Or Not? Debatable.

Yesterday was a holiday for the kids and the husband.  Me being unemployed – every day is a holiday.  So that leaves Tuesday feeling like Monday.  Everyone is back to school/work (except for A1 who is ‘ill’ and sleeping).  I have to log in to the school’s website to find the phone number for their attendance line.  Recently, they updated the site and I cannot find a phone number for the school anywhere.  Last week when A2 was ill (notice the lack of quotes), I ended up emailing the school nurse because I had her email address.  So when I finally found a main phone number, I got the secretary on the phone and expressed my hatred of the new site.  So she quickly and easily pointed out to me where the phone number is.  Hmmm…  now I feel like an idiot.

Having two teenage kids and one tween, our house is an revolving door of silence and drama.  The son is a junior and we are working on ACT prep and looking at colleges and discussing potential careers and majors.  By ‘we are working on’, I mean that his father and I talk, he grunts and leaves and then his father and I fight. Talking to the son, I am asking the right questions and feel good about our communication process.  Talking to the husband, I am doing the wrong things and not looking at the situation correctly.  ???  It is so frustrating.  I need to take lessons in mediation to get through this process.  And to think I get to do this two more times.

I have a phone interview this afternoon for a job that I think could have great potential.  There are things about it that make me more than a little uncertain.  As the husband says, there is nothing to decide until there is an offer on the table.  Good statement.  I will just look at it as good interview practice.  What really cracks me up is the recruiters.  I have several recruiters working on my behalf and this is the third to want to go through a plan with me for how to do a phone interview.  Like telling me to have a copy of my resume in front of me. Now I feel smarter than them. Not an idiot.

It is a daily struggle being the wife and mother. At this point though, I am not getting through things one day at a time, it is one hour at a time. I’m going to have to do some drawing or knitting or something today that will calm me.  And watch some bad TV.  Bad daytime TV always makes me realize how sane and normal I really am!

Todays drawing is String 007; link –  This is one of my favorites from my sketchbook.  I hope you like it too! Also, I have added a link icon to at the bottom of the blog.  Try it.  I promise it’s easier than you think.

String 007
9/2/2014;, String 007

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