Watching the Lava Lamp

Before Christmas, maybe around Thanksgiving, A2 (11 yrs old) decided that one of the things she wanted most in this entire world was a lava lamp.  Huh?  Weren’t those things popular a long time ago?  Like when I was a kid?  It seems it all keeps coming around again.  So, the husband in a weak moment in a toy store bought the girl a lava lamp.  Blue water, yellow/green lava.  It came home with us and was promptly started in the middle of the living room floor.  Because that is where everything owned by A2 ends up at some point.  We told her that it would take a couple of hours to warm up and do its thing and off to bed she went.  In the morning she came downstairs before school and watched it for a while.  When she came home from school, she watched it for a while.  Then came the question “Is that all it does?”

So now I have a lava lamp all my own.  I never had one before and to be honest, wanted one.  It sits in the living room on a ceramic tile and does its thing.  Not in the middle any longer but off to the side, next to the fireplace.  I can sit and watch it any time I want.  I find myself mesmerized by its slow motions.  Why do some bubbles rise or fall more quickly than others? Why are there only small bubbles one day and large the next?  No… don’t tell me, I don’t really care.  All I care about is the soothing meditation of watching the lava lamp.

Today’s photo is gratuitous spinning/fiber love.  I have been working on this particular yarn for a long while and will be for a while yet.  But in the end I hope it will be worth all of the effort.  It will be a gradient, which means that it goes from one color at the beginning and through long slow changes, will end up in a different color at the end.  One of the most pleasing things about spinning is that I don’t know exactly how any braid of fiber will look when I get it finished.  The colors seem to darken or lighten when compressed together.  I am also not a good enough spinner to know how many yards of yarn I will end up with from a specific weight of a specific breed of fiber.  If you have been reading along with me, I’m pretty sure you know that I won’t care.  I just love the process and will love the outcome no matter what it ends up being.

Fiber on Spinning Wheel
1/22/2015, Spinning a Gradient