It’s Been a While, or Did I Lose Myself?

When I started up this blog, I promised myself that I would not begin it and then let it go, that I would keep it up regularly.  So, less than one month in and I took a couple weeks off.  Not a good track record.  I have been struggling physically and emotionally for the past couple of weeks and I think it was probably better for me to post nothing than to post what was really going on.  But enough bad thoughts.  On with the good.

K, the 16 year old, is getting ready to take the ACT this weekend and we have a college visit set up for next week.  The journey of parenting this child has been a bumpy road, full of sudden and jarring highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns.  The last two weeks have felt like 6 years.  But I know that if I just ride it out, this child will end up being a good man.  He has it in him – I see glimpses of it.  There is so much potential in that kid.  But the road, my friends, the road has been rough.  I pray for the road to become straight and smooth for at least me.  I need some straight and smooth road.

Last night, whilst backing the car from the garage, I took out the driver’s side mirror on the garage door frame.  I had a few choice words when I did that.  I texted the husband what I had done.  His response? “Well now it matches the other side!”  I took that one out last year and with no job, I have no money to pay for new mirrors.  They still work, just with very cracked cases.  Maybe I should look at a smaller car which could be fit into the garage with greater ease?

My creative outlets have taken a back seat during this blog respite as well.  I have done very little in the way of knitting, crocheting, spinning, or drawing.  It is this which has me pretty convinced that I did lose myself into a mini depression.  There are a couple of crafting retreats/fairs that I would like to go to in the next couple of months, but with no money coming in they are out of the question.  And is it fair for me to ask for a weekend to get away from it all when I spend most of my days at home alone anyway?  I know that is affecting my mental state – my opportunity to get out and spend time with like minded friends doing crafty things has been taken away.  Frustrating.

Enough whining.  Today’s Objet d’Art is String 008 from Link:  I feel like this is around the time when my drawing really started coming together and the freedom of the ink was flowing through me.

String 008
9/3/2014;, String 008

P.S.  The lava lamp died shortly after I wrote about it.  Sad.