A Big Day!

Today is a big day.  A big, big day.  First of all, the son and the husband went to the first college visit.  Yes, yes.  Before you ask – But Mom, shouldn’t you be there?  I should.  But it would be physically irresponsible of me to go.  The stupid fibro stupid disease still has me in its grips.  That much walking and stairs and visual and auditory stimulation would land me in bed for several days.  I have to be realistic.  I am communicating with the boy throughout the day and he seems to really like the school they are looking at.  I just hope the husband isn’t being too focused on the thought/idea that at 16, he should be prepared to declare a major, meet with that school, and declare his undying devotion.  I am so much more relaxed about that and I know that in time, the boy will grow up, figure out his path and be a fabulous adult.

In weight loss news, I crossed a major milestone this morning.  I have been butted up against it for about 2 weeks now, and the scale just was not budging.  But today, when I did the weekly updating of the weight on my Fitbit app, I had to change all of the numbers.  All of them.  My serious intent is to never rise above that threshold again.  Ever.  The husband told me last night that I look skinny.  Whoa!!!  Let’s back that truck up!! S-K-I-N-N-Y.  I haven’t been that since I got pregnant the first time with the boy who is visiting a college today.

I have been giving some consideration to a tattoo.  I am 45 years old and currently have no tattoos, but as I am making these big changes in my thoughts and practices, a tattoo has been gaining appeal.  I want to incorporate important dates in my life with some kind of Celtic Knot or tree of life, but I want it to be small enough to go on the inside of my forearm.  I keep doodling things but I am not happy with any.  So I will keep doodling and thinking about it.  In the meantime, though, I am sketching out plans for a large drawing that incorporates dates, times, calendars and clocks.  I think for the detail I want, maybe art to hang on my wall rather than my body is what I should be doing.