Panic! My Email is Down

Yesterday, I was completely out of commission.  You might say that 24 hours of my life are gone and I will never get them back.  Oh, stomach flu, how I wish you would be banished to another planet.  Unfortunately, you have instead moved on to another family member.

Today, I woke up expecting to catch up on a day’s worth of email and other, you know, stuff.  But there is no email.  I click the button on my phone and it updated at something like 3 am and will not update again.  I get onto the laptop, open the internet browser which seems to be working just fine – I have all of the normal stories on the most haunted items in the world, how Justin Bieber spent his weekend, how big butts are the new skinny.  But no email.  How can I possibly survive with no email???  How can any of us possibly survive with no email?

Oh, wait.  I have a backup email on another service provider just for cases such as this.  Because there is an important email that I am expecting today.  I texted the person who is supposed to be sending me this important email.  And she hasn’t sent it yet.

In my 24 hours of oblivion, I have missed nothing of importance in the digital world.  Nothing at all.  Panic averted.

Today’s drawing from is String 014; link –  I would probably do this one again and try something different.

String 014
9/16/2014; String 014