Elementary School Lunch

Today, I went to lunch with A2 who is in 5th grade and her last year of elementary school.  I get ‘invited’ to come to lunch with her when she either doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to make her own lunch.  She likes only about 2 of the offered school lunches even though they offer four choices per day.  When her father or I are invited for lunch she is really saying “Go buy lunch and show up at 12:30 and tell jokes to my friends while I eat better than them.”  There are standing orders at various restaurant chains.  Subway: 6 inch toasted turkey and cheese, blue Power-Ade, and 2 chocolate chip cookies.  McDonald’s: A cheeseburger with ketchup only, apples and a Pepsi.  Wendy’s: cheeseburger with ketchup only, fries and a medium chocolate Frosty.

Today, since Wendy’s has a salad that I enjoy, I chose that for the menu.  But how can that possibly be better for her than school lunch?  I’m not sure it can, but at least she will eat it.  At school her choices would have included a corndog with baked Tostitos and salsa, a sunflower seed butter sandwich or potentially expired and lukewarm yogurt.  The thought of any of that makes me want to barf.  I understand more and more why she wants to bring her own lunch every day.  What will she do next year when it isn’t cool or acceptable to have her parents come to lunch with her any longer?  Her sister (A1) says that the middle school has a really good salad bar, so she can always fall back on that.

But who remembers when we were kids and what elementary school lunch consisted of?  Ketchup was deemed a vegetable.  Hamburgers were kind of real meat and were fried.  Chili and cinnamon roll day was king until they began putting raisins in the rolls.  We got dessert every day.  Every single day.  Pudding, cake, brownies… mmm.  Fresh fruit?  What was that?  I think it cost too much.  Vegetables were canned and mostly disgusting.  Especially ‘peas’.  Who the hell can eat canned peas?  I think the bottom line is, school lunch is never optimal.  Every generation is going to find something wrong.  Kids will be kids – they will swap, they will want fast food.  The kids who bring their own lunch will always have the coolest stuff.  And the kid whose mom brings her Wendy’s on a Tuesday?  That is the luckiest kid of all.

Today’s art is again from tanglepatterns.com – String 015; link: http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/08/tanglepatterns-string-015.html  I wish these last few were better drawings but they were really at the beginning of my hobby of tangling.  I am getting so much better.  Some of what I have going on now is really nice.  But you have to wait for that.  🙂

String 015
9/16/2014; tanglepatterns.com String 015