Ready to Rumble

In more ways than one, I am ready to rumble.  I just started a new job yesterday after 6 months of unemployment.  This is bringing on many changes in my household because the kids have become so used to having me home to run them to wherever it is that they want to go.  It has really accelerated the timeline for the boy to get his driver’s license because I will be working much farther away from home than I ever have before.  All three kids will have to step up and help out with housework like cooking, cleaning the kitchen and laundry.  About this, they are not happy.  But they are all happy that mom has a job again.  Money coming in is a good thing.  To them, it means new clothes and new phones – two things that were not necessities that have been on hold for a while.  They don’t understand why we couldn’t go shopping last night.  The concept of ‘payday’ being separate from ‘work day’ is foreign to the girls.  The boy gets it, though.  He has his own job.

I am trying to work out the premium time to leave home in the morning and to leave work in the evening to hit traffic in the ideal way.  In the morning both yesterday and today, I left home around 8 because I waited to make sure A2 was ready to get on the bus before I took off.  This puts me on the back side of rush hour going into downtown KC.  But it really hasn’t been bad.  I expected it to be so much worse than it has been.  And then on the way home last night, I actually took a bit of a longer route going north of the city.  According to my Map app on my phone, though, it saved a bunch of time.

I was pretty worn out last night so I did very little.  I did watch the Big 12 opening round and loved watching TCU spank Kansas State.  I love rooting for the underdog (unless they are playing my team!).  I fell asleep about half way through the second half of Texas-Texas Tech.  It was nowhere near as exciting.  The husband did come home with a surprise – two very good tickets to Round 3 which is tonight.  So we get to go see our team (Iowa State) hopefully whomp on Texas and then stay for Oklahoma-Oklahoma State.  I am READY TO RUMBLE!!!  Since I work about 2 miles from the Sprint Center, I will just meet the husband there and hopefully have a great time.  And hopefully be able to get up to make it to work tomorrow!