It’s a Super Exciting Career!

I can just imagine if my kids had Career Day where their parents showed up to give some kind of speech to the impressionable little minds in their class.  The husband and I would put them all to sleep.

What do you do, Husband?  Really, that is a great question.  Every time he tries to explain it to me, my eyes glaze over and I start knitting in my mind.  It has something to do with finance.  And mergers and acquisitions.  And lots of meetings and emails.  I just know that if I want a real vacation with him, I have to take him to an area of the US where there is no cell phone reception or out of the country.  But now, his company has given him international phone access.  This year, I have thwarted them by booking a cabin at the Boundary Waters between Canada and Minnesota.  With spotty cell phone reception.  If he chooses to try to check his email too much, I will (I swear it!  I will!) accidentally drop his phone over the side of the boat.  So what do we know about the husband?  He works for a company that expects too much of his time and he never takes any time off.  Woo Hoo!  There’s a career every kid will want.

And you, WinterZen writer?  What to you do?  I think that every time I try to talk to anyone about my job, their eyes glaze over and they go someplace else.  I am a Business Systems Analyst.  See?  I lost you didn’t I?  But let me tell you what I don’t do for my career… I don’t work after I leave the office.  Nope.  Huh-uh, not me.  Okay, maybe once in a while, but not very often.  I have lucked into a job that doesn’t seem to require evenings and weekends and extra hours.  Need to leave because your kid has to go to work?  See ya!  Dentist appointment? Take care!

So, super-exciting careers?  Nope.  Neither of us are going to walk the red carpet, orbit the moon, do open heart surgery, or wrangle snakes.  But we both seem to like what we do.  And our kids seem to be relatively intelligent, well-balanced kids.  But they agree with me about throwing the husband’s phone into the lake.  At the end of our lives, hopefully we will be remembered for something other than the time we gave to corporate American.  We laugh, we cry, we play games with our kids.  We eat good food that we grow ourselves.  We have cats and a dog, a trampoline, a rope swing, a go-kart and the land to have all of that.  And when we take a vacation this summer, we are going fishing.  Because that is what the kids asked to do.  Instead of Disney World.  And they asked for their grandparents to come with us because fishing with Grandpa is the best, and nobody cooks fish like Granny.

And there… there is my super-exciting career.  Raising my kids right.  With the right values.  That is what I want to be remembered for.  Not a career that no one but me understands.