Oh Danny Boy

’tis St. Patrick’s Day.  My grandfather, whom I loved more than anyone else as a child, was Irish.  He was born in Chicago after his parents met and married there, both relatively fresh off the boat from Ireland.  I remember him as a happy, smiling antidote to my dour Germanic grandmother.  Theirs was a true love, though, lasting through his death shortly before their 50th wedding anniversary and unto her passing over 20 years later.

He sang.  Always singing – from my earliest days it was Irish lullabies and in my later teens it was Danny Boy.  He would sing along with records of bagpipes and drums he played whenever my grandmother left the house.  No words, just more of a wordless song of the melody.  I cannot, cannot, hear the pipes without crying to this day.  And today I am listening to an Amazon playlist for St. Patrick’s Day.  And thinking of him.

Oh, Danny Boy, we love you so.  And miss him.  Every day, but mostly this day.

Today, I am giving you another drawing from tanglepatterns.com, String 17 – link: http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/09/tanglepatterns-string-017.html

String 017
10/13/2014; tanglepatterns.com, String 017