Motorcycle Madness

You know how sometimes themes just present themselves?  Today is about motorcycles.  I think we’ll start with a little back story though.  I have a niece who is an adult.  In the lottery of parents, she lost big time.  Her dad is my brother and was the non-custodial parent for much of her childhood and her mother brings a lot of issues to the table.  My brother does, too, but at least his issues are not drug and child molesting boyfriend related.  I have always tried to be present in my niece’s life and be a stable adult role model.  About this time last year, she and her husband decided that being married to each other was not a good idea.  The husband and I knew that St. Louis was not a good place for her to stay – she had no family, no support system, and a set of in-laws who would run over her if she let them.  So we took her in along with their 3 year old daughter.  I am happy to say that she is doing well now – divorced, with shared custody of the baby, fully employed, living on her own and she has a new boyfriend who is much more stable and deserving of her than her ex.

As I was leaving work last night, the Niece calls and says that the Boyfriend has been in a motorcycle accident on the freeway and she is on her way to pick him up.  Oh, dear God.  He can talk, he is refusing an ambulance, he is alive.  I call the husband and arrange for him to pick up the baby at daycare (we are listed as the only people besides the Niece who can pick her up).  I go to pick up new clothing for the boyfriend as he would not fit into anything at my house and they will be coming to pick up the baby and we will feed them.  It’s what we do – feed wayfaring strangers. Or relatives.  In the end, his motorcycle is totaled, but he just has a major case of road rash on his hind end.  He will be feeling the pain of that one for a while.  He is very, very lucky.  And I am grateful.  I cannot go through another motorcycle related funeral.

This morning, to bring this full circle, I am about 2 stoplights before my parking garage for work and there is what can only be described as a motorcycle gang in the parking lot to my left.  One man is going from stopped car to stopped car handing out a flyer. April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and they represent B.A.C.A. – Bikers Against Child Abuse.  This organization is amazing.  Please look them up at If you know of any child who is or has been abused and needs an advocate, contact this organization.  I wish they had been around when the Niece was living with her mother and her child-molesting boyfriend.

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