I Art; Therefore, (Part 2)

About 2 months ago, I wrote a post about Art and what kind of arts and crafts I participate in.  I am pretty sure this is a theme I will revisit over time.  So here is Part 2.  Musing on Art and Creativity and the like.

I started my journey with Zentangle at my previous contract job.  I get very restless in meetings – especially pointless meetings where I have about 30 seconds of participation and 29.5 minutes of listening to stuff that doesn’t pertain to me and I don’t give a crap about.  I started carrying a small spiral bound notebook to these meetings and doodling away.  People always comment on how talented I must be and blah, blah, blah…  Really they are just scribbles to keep me awake.  And keep me from stabbing someone else or myself in the eyeball with my pen.  Side note:  Really happy that I am no longer at that contract job!

I started trolling the interwebz for doodling methodology (don’t laugh, I know it’s a little bit compulsive!) and found Zentangle.  From there, I found tanglepatterns.com which is, by far, one of the best uses of a blog format I have ever seen.  I have been using this site for inspiration for almost a year now and I am on the site at least once a day.  I researched Zentangle – the structure around ‘strings’ and the minimalistic use of non-representational design and black ink on white tiles or white paper.  I bought a small (5×7) sketchbook and started with String 001 and have been slowly moving through them.  I am now up to String 045 or something around there.  I post a Tangle on my blog with almost every post and maybe someday I will catch up to current.  I mostly keep this sketchbook at work and work on it during lunch and breaks in my day.  Tangling returns my mind back to center and gives me back my sense of control when I feel like I am losing it.  While it would seem that it is a waste of work time, it is actually the opposite.  I am able to let my subconscious mind work out a problem or come up with new ideas.  That is how my brain works.  Tangling is actually very productive work time – I solve many problems while I have pen to paper.

At home, I have other pens, sketchbooks, paper.  I work on canvas sometimes with permanent markers and go outside of the prescribed Zentangle strictures.  I am now to a point where I am going to start doing some drawing in color and that excites and scares me some.  Funnily – I think ‘What if I screw it up?’  I think that is what non-artist think about trying art in general.  They are afraid to make a mistake or to make an ugly picture.  Part of being an artist is realizing that some of your work will be more successful than others.  By more successful, I mean that what I wanted the outcome to be is closer to what the outcome is. To make art is a process, a progression, an opportunity to learn.  And that is why I Art.  It makes me who I am.

Today’s tangle is String 022, link – http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/10/tanglepatterns-string-022.html

String 022
Nov. 2014; tanglepatterns.com, String 022