Does Fun Equate to Food?

Today, in a few short hours, I will be leaving home for the weekend.  I am going alone – no husband, no kids.  I made it through the birthdays of the week and the band concert without pulling out any hair.  But now, I am getting ready to pack up the car and head on down the road.

Here is my conundrum:  Strict diet vs. delicious Yarn School food.  My strict diet is now 100% gluten free because I have found that it really does affect my Fibromyalgia and how I feel.  I eat specific foods at specific times.  The feeding schedule at YS is not really what anyone would call normal.  Coffee is turned on by whomever is up first – usually around 6 am and is gone by 8:30.  And there is no more.  There is no formal breakfast – waffle batter and a waffle iron, yogurt in the fridge, bread for toast, maybe some whole fruit.  Then lunch.  Lunch may happen around 3.  And it is usually a carb and fat laden choice of food – homemade mac-n-cheese, BLT sandwiches, etc.  Delicious? Yes, but not timely or within the parameters of what I eat.  And dinner?  Fuggetaboutit! 9 or 10 pm if you’re lucky.  BUT — the conversation and camaraderie is part of the experience.

So – am I strong enough to sit with the group of campers and watch them eat?  Do I take a small plate and find food that isn’t TOO bad for me?  Do I skip meals altogether and eat my own food at my own timing?  Every party I have ever had at my house has been centered around the food.  In fact, we almost never even leave the kitchen.  In my poor little brain it seems that food and fun have been linked to one another.  Part of my dieting is to sever that link and let food be food and fun be fun and ensure that I don’t have to have food in order to have a party be a party.  I think this is the most difficult transition I am making in this diet.  For Easter, we went to brunch and I ate too much.  Next weekend, we will be heading to a family baptism and a friend’s graduation.  Guaranteed eating events.  It is so difficult.  Even if I make ‘good eating choices’, I will probably be eating more than I normally would.  And there will be desserts.  I can’t be alone in this struggle.  Obviously America has an obesity problem that I am trying to stop being a part of.  My plan is to stay the course, eat on my schedule, and avoid the food that I should not eat.  Thank goodness yogurt is on my list of things to eat, because this is the best homemade yogurt ever.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this?  Have you been there?  Let me know.  I want to know there are others on the same life raft as me.

Today’s drawing is String 26:

String 26
Nov. 2014;, String 026

4 thoughts on “Does Fun Equate to Food?”

  1. It’s a difficult thing to break the tradition we humans have of socialization over the ‘community pot’ of food, a tradition we have carried in our psyche’s for…oh…EVER.

    But you have to do what your body requires. The body tends to make you pay for misusing it.

    Perhaps the solution here is to keep to the bulk of your eating schedule to keep your fibro in control – but save out a bit of calories for the social portion of your outing.

    1. Thanks for the response Peg. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Since I posted this, I have had several conversations about how ingrained this is into the human condition. And how difficult it is to break that cycle. But from the response I have been getting, it seems many people are having the same struggle. It gives me hope and strength and I know there is support out there for me!

  2. Maura,
    I don’t always read your posts on Ravelry timely and I just read this one. I have been eating gluten free for two years now. It seems to be easy to plan meals for just my husband and me at home, but going out to events is always a challenge. I do gluten free for my health, not weight loss, and it has proven effective. I feel bad when I eat too much gluten so it is easier for me to say no to those foods. Getting a little bit of gluten infrequently does not bother me, but if I eat something with a small amount of gluten in it for 4 or 5 days in a row then I begin to feel bad. When our Knit Lawrence group talked about Yarn School, my first thought was always “What would I do about eating!” How did you do at Yarn School? Hang in there! It is difficult.

    1. Hi Wanda! I did really well at Yarn School, but mostly because I took my own food. The diet I am on made it fairly easy and I just didn’t go down for meals. Those that I did, I ate only salad and yogurt. It is so hard to be gluten free n a house with my husband and kids. There is no way my husband would go GF. I just eat completely separate from my family which is very hard. But it is truly what is best for me.
      I hope I get to see you soon!

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