The Weather Outside is Frightful

Disgusting really.  My office is on the 11th floor overlooking downtown.  Most days, the view is amazing.  Today, it is truly frightful.  I can barely make out any of the buildings, the sky is gray, gray, gray, and it looks like rain is coming down again.  Soon, the Husband will be requesting tools and wood to build an ark.  We have 2 cats and one dog, but they have been appropriately spayed or neutered (in case you are listening, Bob Barker).  I am not really an animal person, so will I have to take other animals on my ark?  God has not, that I know of, told the Husband to start gathering the animals 2 by 2.  But the rain just will not stop in the middle of the country.  And California?  Horrifying drought.  The 100 year weather extremes now seem to be on a 5 year cycle.  I don’t want to see the Missouri and Mississippi flooding again and the people getting killed in Texas from rising waters.  I feel like I have seen enough of these tragedies to last for the rest of my life.  And I have a lot more living to do.

On the bright side: I did do two of the things I said yesterday that needed to get done.  The trash bill?  I don’t even know where that one is.  But I do have a brand new shiny license plate for my car and the Boy is confirmed for Driving School (thank goodness).  The Boy really needs to get his driver’s license.  He works today at a time when both the Husband and I are supposed to be at work.  Luckily I have a very understanding boss, and usually I would leave early.  But today I went to the DMV (barf!) and can’t leave early.  The husband can’t leave early.  So, here we are… What to do?  The Boy is going to see if one of his friends can take him, but if not, I will have to go.  And risk losing my job because I am not reliable.  Honestly, sometimes being an adult sucks.

Art for today, because that is always nice, isn’t it?  And I really, really love this one.  It is one of my personal favorites!, String 034 –

String 34
2015-02-18;, String 034

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