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Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home!

Ladybug!  Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.

All except one,
And that’s little Ann,
For she crept under
The frying pan.

Okay – maybe that’s a little more morbid than I want to be.  But my baby (A2) has gone away for 2 weeks.  She is with family and close friends, doing some work and having some fun.  When we lived in the same town the Husband was raised in, A1 had the opportunity to work for our former daycare provider in the summer.  She earned a little money and got a lot of training on how to take care of small kids.  A2 had been lamenting the lack of that opportunity in our new home earlier in spring.  So we told her she could certainly contact the daycare provider to see if she could do the same work for 2 weeks.  The daycare provider welcomed her happily for 3 days each week that she is in town.  A2 then contacted friends, grandparents, and an aunt and made arrangements for food, lodging, and transportation to and from work on working days.

So now she is gone.  Last summer, she and her older sister went to summer camp for a week and I barely missed them.  But now, it is just the baby flown away.  I want to call her every few hours to check on her.  I never checked on them last year.  Do you suppose it’s because I knew her older sister would watch out for her?  I guess I am not very trusting of her grandparents and I know that she has already been in a fight with the friend with whom she is to spend some of the weekend.  She is old enough to handle those things herself.  And she is a strong little girl.  I guess I need to be strong to and let her go and have her own experiences.  And having her out of the house means I can (hopefully) finish her quilt while she is away.  That would be amazing.

Today’s art is, as usual, from, String 035 –  I think I told you at the beginning of this blog-venture that part of the goal is to document my arts and crafts and one of my goals is to go through, in order, each string from tanglepatterns.  Good or bad, they show up here.

String 35
2015-02-25;, String 035

Looking Ahead

How many times do I spend my days wishing the time away – wishing it was 5 o’clock, wishing today was Friday, wishing it was spring or summer or autumn?  Is it human nature to do that – to look forward to what we know is ahead and we perceive to be better than what we are doing today, right now?  Today I am looking ahead and looking forward to several things – again, wishing today away.

Tomorrow night, the Boy will be celebrating his 17th birthday by having 7 of his friends over to have a draft for Magic the Gathering.  His main gift from us is a new box of cards, chosen by him for this draft.  I don’t pretend to understand what any of this means, other than a home full of hungry teenage boys.  We are ordering pizza.  Lots of pizza.  And A1 will be making a double batch of Tollhouse bars.  A1 is a fabulous baker and we have pretty much turned all of the baking in the house over to her.  Then all of these boys will be spending the night.  Where and how they are all going to fit into the Boy’s room, I have no idea.  Nor do I really care.  They are 17.  They can figure it out.  They will then be getting up bright and early (ha!) and heading off to Record Store Day.  I hear there are some special records being released that are ‘must haves’ in the Boy’s world.

While the testosterone festival is leaving the building, A1 has a swim meet.  It will be her third one this week.  As a freshman, she is on the high school team for the first time and is still getting used to it.  But I have to say that her swimming has progressed beautifully and she looks amazingly poised and confident at the meets.  Her birthday is Monday and she has asked for it to be mostly ignored.  She does want a hair straightener.  Ok.  I can do that.  After that, there is a high school band performance on Wednesday.  Both the Boy and A1 will participate in that.  Their high school band is a joy to watch, so I am looking forward to everything about that except sitting on the bleachers.

In spite of having two birthday’s in the upcoming week, the one thing I am so much looking forward to is Yarn School.  Yarn School.  Friends, booze, spinning, knitting, dyeing, booze… How can I possibly wait!  I leave in one week and drive for a couple hours to check in to an old high school building in a field in the middle of nowhere until Sunday night.  There is something about this annual trek (this is my 3rd year) that makes me so happy in such unexplainable ways.  There are so many things about it to not recommend it and yet, I keep putting my money down and keep going.  I am pretty sure there will be an upcoming post titles Yarn School.  Keep your eyes open for that!

Today’s drawing is String # 024 – Oh! I like this one!  Link to the string page:

String 024
11-14-2014;, String 024

I’m Sensitive

In more ways than one, I am sensitive.  Generally, I am not emotionally sensitive – I don’t get offended by offensive jokes, I can be the butt of a joke, I can (most of the time) take criticism constructively.  But let’s talk about how I am sensitive.

Movies.  Movies kill me.  I cry through them just knowing the direction they are heading.  Like The Imitation Game.  Bawling.  Monument’s Men.  Tears streaming down my face.  I tuned in to the most recent version of Jane Eyre on HBO about half way through and spent the rest of the movie sobbing.  I cry at almost every Sherlock episode – like when he is such an ass to Molly about the Christmas present.  Oh, the tears.  I was choking up last night watching Frontline about the immunization battle.  Really?  How much crying can one person do?

Personal space.  I need a bubble.  I don’t want to get to close to people.  Or, more accurately, I don’t want people to get to close to me.  If I like you, I will put you into my personal space.  But don’t you just go there by yourself.  It’ll full on piss me of.  I even told my mother-in-law once that she cannot hug me.  Ever.  When I had babies I tried nursing, but when it didn’t take, I was grateful.  Because then I could have my body and my space back.  Isn’t that terrible?

But the way I am very sensitive is to people.  I have done a very good job as an adult of surrounding myself with very, very good people.  I remember when I started this mature choice of friends.  I was in my last year of high school and I decided that some of my friends were not people who really supported me and liked me for who I was.  Some were mocking, rude, and soul-sucking drama queens.  So I changed friends.  I bring this up because one of these new and better friends and I have recently been in contact.  And my heart is hurting for him.  He is in a better place now than he used to be, I know that.  But the path he is on is not the one that I envisioned for him.  It is still a hard road.  So many people should be benefitting from his calling to the ministry that recent events have caused him to abandon.  But instead, he works as a bank teller.  Because he is gay.  I don’t understand organized religions and their treatment of entire groups of our population.

And now, the son has a friend in high school who is coming out.  I recognized this in the friend earlier than my son.  And I sat down with him and discussed what was ahead. For both him and his friend.  And I made it clear to him that homosexuality is not contagious, is not bad, is not wrong, and is not a lifestyle choice.  I also made it clear that as a friend of this boy, it is his job to be sensitive, to be open-minded, to not abandon this friend.  Because when you make a choice to surround yourself with good people who love you and accept you for who you are, your obligation is to be that kind of friend in return.  Sensitive to the needs of others.

To all of my friends: I love and accept each of you for who you are.  And I will always be here for you. Always.

Today’s drawing is from  I really, really like this one.  I started to understand that going outside of the lines is okay.

String 019
10/16/2014; String 019

Virtual Friends

It is a brave new world out there.  As with most of my posts, I am going to go back to my childhood to recall what it was like then.  I am not old but things really were so different then.  Every year or two, we would take a vacation that did not involve going to Arizona to visit my grandparents.  A lot of these vacations involved camping in nearby states.  Camping was loading up the tent, coolers full of food, a wash basin, a couple of 20 gallon jugs of water.  We would go deep into the mountains and camp in ‘rough’ sites.  Rough sites are those that have a port-a-potty set up.  And that’s it.  You may have a fire ring left by the previous campers, but that is all.  Sometimes, we would be camping near other families and campers are a friendly lot.  We would share dinner, the adults would drink around the fire, the kids would run wild.  It was a pretty great way to vacation.  I made friends almost every year when we were camping.  Could I tell you the names of any of them?  No.  I probably don’t even have pictures of them.  We had exchanged addresses and promised to write.  It never happened.

Now, I have the opposite.  I am friends with a group of people I have never met.  And probably never will.  I don’t know any of their faces and only some of their names.  We are in a group on Ravelry , a social media site for yarn craft.  On Ravelry, people are known only by their Rav names and their Ravatar.  Most people do not have photos of themselves as their Ravatars. If they are anything like me, they do anything to prevent a photo of themselves being used on the web.  Over the course of this calendar year, we have come together with the goal of finishing 12 objects of any kind during the year of 2012.  What has happened in addition to the challenge of completing these 12 projects is a lot of support, sharing, chatter and friendship.  We had a gift exchange in July where we got to know one another better and sent gifts across the world.  I received an amazing package from Great Britain full of British stuff including London 2012 bracelets in the colors of the Olympic Rings.  Now, one of us is newly expecting.  This has set off a frenzy of plotting and planning.  I won’t talk about it here in case she is reading.

I am able to be friends with people in Turkey, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Chicago, San Fran… all over the world.  We can stay in touch and provide support constantly.  We laugh, we cry, we know so much about each other.  These ladies are some of the best people I have ever known. But I could pass them in the street and not have any idea who it was.  The world is so much smaller now than it was when I was a child.  The distance of 50 miles was too much to overcome for the friends I met on vacation when I was growing up.  Now, the distance of thousands of miles is nothing.