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A-spinning I shall go, A-spinning I shall go!

Over the weekend, I finished spinning one of the very first braids of wool that I ever dyed.  My first round at Yarn School (see HarveyvilleProject.com) in 2013, I didn’t really know what I was doing in the Dye Lab.  I have a degree in art, so I get color and I get saturation, and I get how to put colors together in a combination.  I dyed my fiber decently that year, but I was never overly excited about spinning it all because my color combinations just weren’t me.  Not yarn that I would knit with once I spun it.  Since then, I have learned a whole lot about wool and how different varieties and blends take color and what it will look like when it is spun since that is usually completely different than what it looks like before it is spun.  And then once it is knit up, it looks completely different again!

One of the groups that I am in on Ravelry is for people who own Kromski spinning wheels.  This month we had a spin along where the theme was What Was I Thinking.  We could choose a braid, a batt, a breed – something that was in our stash that didn’t seem to belong, that we didn’t know what the hell we were thinking to have it sitting there.  I chose a braid that I loving called Ugh, It’s a Deere!  I think you can see why.

spinning fiber
Ugh, It’s a Deere!

So, I started spinning right away and then got horribly bored with it.  These are NOT my colors.  But I had to get this fiber done before I could let myself move on to something that is more appealing.

Singles on the wheel
On the wheel

And so, this was the weekend to finish.  By last night, I was ready to take the single off the bobbin and wind it into a plying ball while watching The Last Alaskans.  And then while watching Game of Thrones (why? why do I watch this show??), I was plying up the yarn.

Plying Yarn on the Wheel
Plying a Deere

Into the bath it went before bed and then out on the deck to dry out.  This morning when I woke up, it was to discover that Ugh, It’s a Deere! has been transformed into To Green Bay and Back.  It is poofy and soft and lovely.  And I still hate the colors.  I texted a photo to my sister-in-law to see if she wants it and she snatched at it like she had never seen yarn before.

Finished Yarn
To Green Bay and Back

And so, in July when we are in the same general vicinity it will go to a loving home.  Which will be not mine.  And now, it is out of my stash and I can move on to something more fabulous.  I wonder what will be next?  I only have about 15 pounds of spinning fiber waiting for me!


The Joy of Cooking + To Serve Man

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worldly Encounters.”  The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?

This is a very funny daily prompt for a blog.  I know that there are people who will take it seriously and recommend the Bible, the Koran, some important work of literature.  I almost chose Jane Eyre because it is my favorite book ever.  The Stand would be a good one too.  Love me some Steven King. But instead the book I would give the alien outside my door would be my well-worn and well loved copy of The Joy of Cooking.  Everything is in that book.  Humor, wit, and how to kill, clean, grow, harvest and cook or preserve your own food.  There are bits in the recipes about how they were created, where they came from, their history.  Not necessarily a book you read, but interesting if you just happen to pick it up.  And a valuable tool for survival.

At the same time, I would invite said friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial into my house and pull up Netflix and queue up the episode of the Twilight Zone called ‘To Serve Man’.  25 minutes or so, surely he has that much time?  Friendly aliens are not to be trusted.  How many times have we learned that on TV, in books, in the movies?  If aliens come to Earth, they are either coming with guns blazing, stealing people one at a time for horrifying scientific experiments, or … Like in To Serve Man under the guise of ‘helping’ Earth be more healthy, less war-like, more productive at food production.  What is the goal of this friendly alien?  Have I just handed him a cookbook that will help him serve me up on a platter?  If you haven’t seen this episode of the Twilight Zone, stop everything and go watch it now.  Really.  It is necessary.  One of the best single episodes of television ever.

And now today’s art.  Tanglepatterns.com, String 032.  http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/12/tanglepatterns-string-032.html  As you can see, I struggle a little with having patterns cross or turning corners.  I must work on this!

String 32
2015-01-21; tanglepattern.com, String 032

Not a Mad (Wo)Man

Before our big move to the city three years ago, the Husband had been un/under-employed for two years.  This was a period of time we were prepared for him to be without employment and knew that the result of his job search would be us moving from rural farmland to a big city.  One of the most annoying things about this time of his lack of employment was that I would come home and he would tell me about watching Mad Men or Breaking Bad in marathons on Netflix.  At the time, I was working full time, taking full time coursework in an online Master’s Degree program, and keeping track of the house and the three kids.

Coming home at the end of the day to hear “What’s for dinner?” followed by the daily marathon antics of Walter White and/or Don Draper did not endear me to either of them.  Or me to the Husband.  That was a very stressful time in my life and my marriage.  I would be lying if I did not admit to wanting to run away from home almost weekly during that timeframe.  During this time, I was on prescribed anti-depressants which kept me on somewhat of an even keel.  My relationship with the Husband endured and we are now in a much better place together.  But I never latched on to Mad Men or Breaking Bad the way others did.  But I did continue to hear about the ongoing escapades so I had some knowledge of the main characters and what they were up to.

In the past week or so, when the entire TV viewing populace was preparing for the end of the Mad Men era, I knew what was going on.  I think the main reason I disliked watching Mad Men is because of the above described resentment.  However, I also found almost no redeemable characters.  They were smart and well written.  The costuming and set design was incredible.  I could admire the acting and the paintings on the walls of the offices.  But I didn’t like the people.  They were not people I could find myself caring about.  But I committed to watching the final episode.  And I liked it.  I liked Peggy and Sears & Roebuck Grizzly Adams getting together because I wanted, of all the characters, Peggy to have some bit of happiness.  I liked that Don ended up in a place where he was confronted by multiple demons while he was sober.  And he, I believe, found something in himself that he could like.  I’d like to think that he would stay sober and continue to search for the Don inside that has some redeeming quality and some likeability.  And that is what the end does to us – allows us to project on Don a future for him that we would like to see.  Is that how shows should end now?  Others give us endings, points of time where things are wrapped up for the characters that we have lived with for years.  But Mad Men, like the Sopranos before it, gave us no answers.

Today, I will give you a drawing from Tanglepatterns.com, String 029 – http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/12/tanglepatterns-string-029.html  This is one where I experimented with using only two patterns to fill the drawing.  I like it more that others like it.  Which is fine since I draw for myself.

String 29
2015-01-14; tanglepatterns.com, String 029