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A-spinning I shall go, A-spinning I shall go!

Over the weekend, I finished spinning one of the very first braids of wool that I ever dyed.  My first round at Yarn School (see HarveyvilleProject.com) in 2013, I didn’t really know what I was doing in the Dye Lab.  I have a degree in art, so I get color and I get saturation, and I get how to put colors together in a combination.  I dyed my fiber decently that year, but I was never overly excited about spinning it all because my color combinations just weren’t me.  Not yarn that I would knit with once I spun it.  Since then, I have learned a whole lot about wool and how different varieties and blends take color and what it will look like when it is spun since that is usually completely different than what it looks like before it is spun.  And then once it is knit up, it looks completely different again!

One of the groups that I am in on Ravelry is for people who own Kromski spinning wheels.  This month we had a spin along where the theme was What Was I Thinking.  We could choose a braid, a batt, a breed – something that was in our stash that didn’t seem to belong, that we didn’t know what the hell we were thinking to have it sitting there.  I chose a braid that I loving called Ugh, It’s a Deere!  I think you can see why.

spinning fiber
Ugh, It’s a Deere!

So, I started spinning right away and then got horribly bored with it.  These are NOT my colors.  But I had to get this fiber done before I could let myself move on to something that is more appealing.

Singles on the wheel
On the wheel

And so, this was the weekend to finish.  By last night, I was ready to take the single off the bobbin and wind it into a plying ball while watching The Last Alaskans.  And then while watching Game of Thrones (why? why do I watch this show??), I was plying up the yarn.

Plying Yarn on the Wheel
Plying a Deere

Into the bath it went before bed and then out on the deck to dry out.  This morning when I woke up, it was to discover that Ugh, It’s a Deere! has been transformed into To Green Bay and Back.  It is poofy and soft and lovely.  And I still hate the colors.  I texted a photo to my sister-in-law to see if she wants it and she snatched at it like she had never seen yarn before.

Finished Yarn
To Green Bay and Back

And so, in July when we are in the same general vicinity it will go to a loving home.  Which will be not mine.  And now, it is out of my stash and I can move on to something more fabulous.  I wonder what will be next?  I only have about 15 pounds of spinning fiber waiting for me!


Music and Books

Today at work, I had my headphones plugged in and had on a playlist that I call Mellow Shit.  Since I am of a certain age, it doesn’t have a lot of recent music on it.  It is easy for me to work to because it is music I know every word and every note of and I can put it into the back of my head and it drowns out the noise of my office.  Sometimes, though, I catch a line or a phrase or a whole song that brings me out of what I am doing.  And sometimes the songs will bring me back to a book that I have read.

Today the song that pulled me was another by Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind.  It always takes me into Jane Eyre.  The gothic imagery in the song make me think about the tragic hero that Mr. Rochester is, about the way I cry and cry and cry every time I read the book.  I even tried to watch the most recent movie version and started in about half way through and started crying immediately and didn’t stop until well after the movie finished.  I am definitely a weeper!

One of my ponderings today is that I love the song Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.  It even inspired me to read the book about 10 years ago, but the book did not inspire the love in me that I wanted to have.  And I have never read any Jane Austen or seen any of the movies based on her books.  Am I missing something here?  I just know that Jane Eyre takes me to a place that no other story does.  And I always love reading other books or watching other movies and saying – Oh! They’re pulling a Jane here!

Today, I have no drawing for you, but I do have some new yarn that I just spun.  I have just returned from a most successful Yarn School.  And I dyed some fabulous fiber to make into amazing yarn.  Here is the first of what I dyed and spun:

BBQ Salmon

Cleaning House

I just got off a phone call with a recruiter for a job.  It is probably a good job, but I will never know.  I turned it down when I heard two things “finance” and “50% travel”.  One of those would have probably done it for me, but both?  No chance.  I am not in a position where I can just turn down chances at jobs.  I have been out of a job for over 5 months and every month I don’t have a job, money is coming out of our savings account to pay for our bills.  What does this have to do with cleaning house?  I am in the process of cleaning my mental house – sweeping out the cobwebs and organizing my closets.  Part of this cleaning is to realize that I am not just looking for a job, but I am looking for the right job.  The right fit for me and for those in my life.  Luckily, I do have two more interviews set up for the coming week.  Each of these sound like a much better fit for what I am looking for.

Part 2 of Cleaning House involves cleaning my yarn stash.  I have in my stash several skeins of some pretty bad yarn.  It is much loved by many people and is very popular at the big box stores.  However, it is not pleasant to knit with, it splits like nobody’s business, and the ends fray so badly that they must be knotted as soon as they are cut.  I have about 12 skeins in 5 or 6 different colors – mostly blue and tan.  It has been sitting in my stash for over a year, bothering me because I didn’t want to knit it and couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  I saw a pattern online yesterday for a blanket made out of this same yarn.  It is crocheted, so I pulled out a skein of yarn and started it.  Guess what?  It crochets up beautifully, quickly and easily!  So I’m off to the races.  I can clean out a dozen skeins of yarn that I don’t want to have in my stash any longer.  Woo Hoo!

Today’s picture from tanglepatterns.com is String 010, link: http://tanglepatterns.com/2012/07/tanglepatterns-string-010.html

String 010
9/9/2014; tanglepatterns.com String 010